STARFACE Integrations
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When searching for a suitable and sustainable telephone system that also meets the specific...


The IP Telephone System for Your Business

STARFACE is an award-winning VoIP based telephony system that is “Made in Germany”. It integrates completely into the IT and communications infrastructure of your business, is based on open standards and can be used in Windows, Linux and Mac OS X environments.

For every situation:

STARFACE can be used in three different ways. It can be deployed as an appliance-based solution, as a virtual server solution or as a cloud application. Our unique flexibility (dubbed “STARFACE Flip”) allows for your UCC telephony system to move backwards and forwards between the deployment options as your needs change with the development of your business.

Reasons for STARFACE:

  • Independent of telephone manufacturers and providers
  • Individually customizable and able to scale with the expansion of your business
  • Clients for iPhone, Android, MacOS and Windows
  • A single telephone number for your office, your home-office and in the field
  • Comprehensive CRM and ERP integrations

STARFACE comes pre-installed on the appliance that best fits the size of your business. The latest generation of appliances comes equipped with solid-state hard-drives which extend the life-time of the system, guarantee minimal loading and access times and ensure that your STARFACE system's uptime is the highest it can be. The STARFACE Appliances are available in four different configurations; the Advanced, Enterprise and Platinum appliances can be mounted in a 19” server rack.

Every business, Any Size:

You can also buy access to STARFACE as a Cloud Service. This is available in various classes as a highly available and highly secure managed service. For a monthly fee, you gain access to an individually tailored and configured STARFACE service which is hosted in a data centre for you. The system is connected to the public telephone network via an individually reserved SIP line. For security reasons, every client's STARFACE system is hosted in its own, locked server.

The STARFACE VM (Virtual Machine) Edition is a pure software solution, which is operated in a virtualised server environment in the server farm of the customer's business. The hybrid solution (analogue, ISDN, IP) can be supplemented with additional media gateways. The VM Edition can be installed redundantly. The STARFACE VM Edition can be installed on all current server software, and can be connected to the public telephone network via SIP lines or Patton gateways.