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Mobile Clients

STARFACE Mobile Clients for iPhone und Android

The STARFACE Mobile Client for iPhone and Android transforms iPhone and Android smartphones into a fully-featured telephone for your STARFACE telephone system. You can bundle your business communications such as instant messaging, phone calls, presence status as well as company and customer contact data on your smartphone and turn it into a powerful mobile UCC communications hub. The STARFACE Mobile Client gives you access to your internal and external business contacts. You can view the presence status of your colleagues and set your instant messaging status. The Journal keeps you up-to-date: Who sent you an IM? Who called you? Who left a voicemail message or sent you a fax? The Mobile Client ensures that you have access to a wide palette of features and settings such as call brokering, forwarding, inquiry calls, ad-hoc conferences, call redirection and your iFMC (integrated Fixed Mobile Convergence) settings.

UCC features while on the road

The STARFACE Mobile Client is a native telephone client, with which you can place calls in many ways: via the SIP client, via WiFi and LTE and via the phone’s mobile network as well as use call-through and call-back via GSM. This means you are available via your business phone number, even when out of the office.

STARFACE Mobile Clients for iPhone and Android gives you access to internal and external business contacts. You can check the presence status of your colleagues and change your chat status.

The journal-function keeps you informed: who has sent you a chat message? Who did call you, sent you a voicemail or a fax?
Calls in the Android Client

Call-Through and Call-Back

You can reduce your telephony fees by using GSM or LTE: incoming and outgoing calls can be routed via the STARFACE telephony system. Specially companies with high percentage of mobile workers or international operating field services branches can reduce their telephony fees due to the cessation of roaming fees.
Contacts in Android Client

Access to the central address book

STARFACE Mobile Clients for iPhone and Android are connected to the phone directory of the STARFACE Telephony system. Therefore mobile workers have access to all business contacts while being on the road. They don’t have to use the phone directory of their smartphone.
Chat in iPhone


Realtime chat becomes more and more important as communications channel. With our new Mobile Clients mobile users of STARFACE get access to the integrated Chat-Server of our telephone system.
Journal im iPhone Client

Journal of call list, fax and chat messages

STARFACE User get access via the client to a consolidated journal with all call lists, faxes and chat messages of your STARFACE account. Therefore you have access while being on the office or on the road to all current dialogues with clients and colleagues and react all the time without any delay.
Statusinformationen im Android Client

View your colleagues’ presence statuses

The extensive presence management of STARFACEs telephony system has been fully integrated into the Mobile Clients. Busy lamp fields with colour codes keep you informed also outside of the office about the availability of your colleagues. Communication flow does not stop.


You can download the STARFACE Clients for iPhone and Android at the Apple App Store and at Google Play free of charge. On the server you need an UCC-Premium-License.

Mobile Client from the Apple App-Store
Mobile Client from the Google Play Store