The creative agents soon realized that STARFACE is more than just a regular telephone system: the...


Telephone Systems


CloudThe STARFACE telephone system is also available as a Cloud service.

Companies can rent the UCC platform as a highly available and secure managed service. STARFACE Cloud services are exclusively on offer by qualified STARFACE partners.

STARFACE Cloud Services combine the advantages of locally sustained systems with the benefits of hosted managed services. Businesses are provided with exclusive access to a customized entity hosted in a high security data center in Germany. Therefor, customers can integrate this solution accurately fitting into their business processes – without being bound to share the communication system with other clients.

A maintenance-free UCC environment

With STARFACE Cloud Services users benefit from all advantages of modern UCC environments, but without having to sustain the know-how inhouse or to service, update and maintain the platform. The STARFACE software will constantly be kept up-to-date and thus will always ensure state-of-the-art security and features.

Zero-Touch provisioning and configuration

Devices of the STARFACE manufacturing partners gigaset and snom can also on hosted systems get autoprovisioned with a default configuration and firmware updates. This service will be run by the consulting STARFACE partner.