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STARFACE 6 Software

The New Generation of High-end Business Telephony

STARFACE 6, the brand new version of the award-winning telephone system, allows the use of native STARFACE UCC clients for Windows and MacOS thanks to the newly developed Unified Communications API UCI 3.0. Users can therefore enjoy the experience of convenient and high-performance telephony directly on their computer without needing to use an external telephone.

The STARFACE telephone system has therefore become a powerful UCC platform for businesses of all sizes and provides a stable base to develop solutions and quickly react to new desires and requirements of end users in the market.

New Call Lists, Secure Transmission

STARFACE 6 provides a comprehensive suite of new features; for example a completely re-worked call-list handling and the fully integrated call-center tool „STARFACE iQueue“. A further highlight of STARFACE 6 is the tap-proof encryption of phone calls using the TLS-sRTP standard. This means that the RTP stream between the UCC clients and, in the future, between telephones which support this technology, is encrypted.

STARFACE 6 is available on all STARFACE appliances, as a VM edition and as a cloud service. This affords your business the highest degree of flexibility, freedom of choice and future-proofing.

STARFACE 6 allows you to choose your telephones from a large selection of telephones from 8 well-known and respected manufacturers.

Noticeable Performance Increases

STARFACE 6 makes your STARFACE telephone system even faster and, thanks to more efficient usage of resources, has the headroom to expand together with your business and guarantees a future-proof solution with regard to new developments in the area of SIP telephony.

Ready for the All-IP Switch-Over

With STARFACE 6, businesses are fully equipped to handle the switch-over to All-IP, which will completely replace the time-tested ISDN technology by the end of 2018 in Germany. Support for NGN, a new transmission standard for SIP telephony, enables a crystal-clear transmission of voice and video streams. STARFACE places your business communications on a stable foundation thanks to extensive support of the SIP protocol and many open APIs, giving your investment long-term security, even after ISDN has been turned off. STARFACE 6 is also ready for HD-audio and encryption.

New Features

  • iQueue (our automated call distribution system - the successor to the „Gruppe mit Warteschlange“ module)
  • Native UCC-Clients for Windows and MacOS
  • Support for BusyLights
  • More locations for backups (Dropbox and sFTP)
  • Searchable function keys

STARFACE UCC Clients for Windows and MacOS

The UCC Clients for Windows and MacOS make the STARFACE telephone system a fully functional Unified Communications and Collaboration platform. They bring all channels of communication together – chat, voicemail, WebCam/WebVideo, presence display, home-automation and file transfer services – to your desktop computer or laptop and turn it into an innovative UCC communications centre. Die UCI 3.0 API allows you to control many features, such as doorlines, webcams as well as home and security technology from within the UCC Client itself.

STARFACE Call Manager
The fully-functional Call Manager integrated into the STARFACE UCC clients make it easy to manage conference calls. Ad-Hoc conferences and call-in conferences can be managed just like a planned conference. The function „Call2Go“ allows the user to seamlessly transfer phone calls to a different device, even to mobile phones which have been integrated as iFMC devices. Multiple calls can be placed on hold simultaneously and transferred individually.

STARFACE iQueue – Never lose a call again

STARFACE 6 offers a wide selection of powerful queue-features for the creation and management of small and medium sized call-centres with the fully integrated STARFACE iQueue. STARFACE iQueue offers a solution for projects such as sales and support hotlines, doctors practices and so on. STARFACE iQueue supports, among many features, the integration of [[Abfragegruppen mit Warteschleife]], Music on Hold and flexible automated call distribution, and guarantees your agents an optimal overview of communication with your customers. Live-monitoring and reporting as well as the automated recording of phone calls are also possible.

Modern and Convenient Through Extended APIs

The open architecture of STARFACE 6 with the new UCI 3.0 API provides programmers and integrators with a vastly increased tool-set. The integrated CRM and ERP APIs integrate STARFACE 6 seamlessly into your existing business processes, and guarantee increased productivity, better service and lower costs. You can start phone calls with a mouse-click from your CRM system, send faxes via the UCC clients for Windows and MacOS, have customer data polled from your infrastructure and enjoy presence displays across interconnected locations. You will only find out how easy it is to turn ordinary telephone calls into a modern and convenient telephony experience when you integrate your telephone system into your IT enviroment.

STARFACE Call Manager - Conference


  • iFMC and RingAll Groups can be configured from the telephones
  • New SIP provider profiles
  • Improved call handling in complex call scenarios
  • Expanded routing rules for outgoing calls.
Free of charge. 3 license-free user accounts.