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PBX Tuning

The tuning package for your phone system

Your telephone system still works properly – but lacks important functions? Then, STARFACE PBX Tuning might serve you best!

Extend your telephone system with our vendor-independent, customized tuning packages by powerful features like voicemail, TAPI, Unified Messaging, CTI, fax-to-desk, desk-to-fax, phone conferencing – while protecting the  investments you’ve already made.

The idea behind the STARFACE tuning model: Instead of upgrading the feature range of your PBX by expensive, propietary components or exchanging the PBX itself, the desired functions will be setup on a dedicated STARFACE Appliance.
  • Have the customer data of your callers automatically displayed in Outlook!
  • Get inbound fax messages right from your e-mail inbox!
  • Use our versatile CTI connectors for Salesforce, Lotus Notes, Apple, SugarCRM, MS Dynamics, Daylite and many more CRM systems!
  • Lower your travel expenses with the STARFACE phone conferencing system!
  • Up-to-date functions for your present phone system
  • Non-proprietary, affordable alternatives to vendor-specific components
  • Preset tuning packages on tiered hardware

Choose from six STARFACE Tuning Packages!

STARFACE as SIP gateway

The SIP Gateway Package extends your phone system by SIP connections. Equip your ISDN system with additional VoIP without modifying your infrastructure.

STARFACE as a SIP gateway for a conventional phone systemAdvantages:
  • Extends your PBX by VoIP
  • Soft and riskless migration
  • Incorporation of home offices and field crew

Interconnection over IP

The package Interconnection over IP offers connecting your facilities over the internet for free internal phone calls and one common call number concept.

Interconnection of two locations and STARFACE appliances via InternetAdvantages:
  • Free calls between facilities
  • One call number concept across all locations
  • Incorporation of home offices and field crew

STARFACE as conference server

The Confence-Package provides you with a high-performance phone conferencing system offering instant, on-mouseclick or scheduled phone conferences plus setup of steady conference rooms.

STARFACE acting as conference server for an existing phone systemAdvantages:
  • Web based administration
  • Conferencing parties have web access to the conferences
  • Adhoc conferences, scheduled conferences, dedicated conference rooms
  • Additional VoIP access possible

STARFACE as unified messaging server

The Unified-Messaging Package brings all communication channels of your company together at your workplace: Receive fax and voicemails as e-mail attachments, manage your call lists on the PC and see who of your colleagues is reachable.

STARFACE as a unified messaging server provides call information, fax service, voicemails, etc. complementing the conventional phone system.Advantages:
  • Fax reception by e-mail, voicemails by e-mail
  • Presence and call status indication
  • Call lists with missed calls, answered calls etc.

STARFACE as fax server

The Fax Server Package extends your PBX by a flexible fax server allowing your staff members to send and receive faxes at the PC Workstation.

STARFACE as fax server for transmission of hardware and software fax in support of a conventional PBXAdvantages:
  • Fax reception by e-mail or in the user interface
  • Fax sending right out of applications
  • Group fax

STARFACE as CTI server

With the CTI Server Package your phone system seamlessly integrates into your CRM/ERP solution. Your staff may fax straight out of every application, view the automatically displayed customer history on inbound calls and a lot more.

STARFACE as CTI server provides the CRM system with call information.Advantages:
  • Full integration into your CRM systems (Outlook, Salesforce, etc.)
  • Call placement right out of the CRM system
  • You’ll know who’s calling before answering the phone.