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Where can I get further support?

  • Please refer to the STARFACE sales partner you have purchased STARFACE from. 
  • Customers with support contract or with a case of refurbishment see the corresponding online forms at Support.
  •  Advice and help is also offered in our STARFACE Support Forum.

With how many users can I run STARFACE?

There’s no software-side user limit. Running STARFACE with up to 3 user accounts requires no extra license. Above, our multi-level license model offers bundles for additional 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 users.

Please contact one of our sales partners for a proposal meeting your requirements or send us a request for a detailed offer.

Is there a limit to the number of phones?

No. Each user can be assigned an arbitrary number of telephones or extensions.

Do installation and administration require linux skills?

STARFACE can get installed and administered by every person with some basic knowledge in IT and telecommunications. Special linux skills are not required. The STARFACE web interface and its online help will give support in all common tasks.

I want to install STARFACE myself on an existing computer. What OS may or should be installed?

None. STARFACE runs on its own customized Linux distribution, optimized for its purpose and requirements. Thus, STARFACE will be installed along with its operating system included in the installer.

How do I choose suitable hardware?

Your current demands, but also potentially necessary capacities in the future play a role in this selection. Generally, we recommend running STARFACE pre-installed on one of our Appliances which provide compatible hardware. Our sales partners will gladly serve your inquiry.
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