Following companies successfully employ STARFACE

ID Servicepoint

ID Servicepoint GmbH is a service provider for various identification systems. “STARFACE enthuses our team every day based on its nearly unlimited functionalities that are easily to configure, thanks to the clever GUI. The centralized telephone system enables you to effortlessly make adjustments to any changing conditions within your company, whether you have to add a new employee or connect further home offices – just few mouse clicks and you are done.” Henning Meyer, CEO, ID Servicepoint GmbH is Germany’s largest portal for dedicated Apple users. With over 8 million page impressions and 250.000 visitors per month, provides complete coverage of all related Mac news, reviews, recommendations and tricks. When searching for a suitable and sustainable telephone system that also meets the specific requirements of a Mac infrastructure, OnlineService GmbH and its affiliate SysEleven GmbH found with STARFACE the perfect solution.

Mac infrastructure mastered brilliantly - a case study about

Lavoris (Schwyz) AG

Customer-oriented telecommunications is of prime importance to the Personnel Consulting company Lavoris. Inbound calls need to be handled quickly or forwarded directly to an available consultant. The project: The integration of modern phones, faxes and postage meters as well as the management of two locations handled by one central office. STARFACE PBX met all guidelines successfully. During one weekend, the old telephone system was completely replaced by one STARFACE APPLIANCE and new phones.


Being an expert for Personnel Management Systems, fourtexx GmbH offers its clientele always the right solution and consultation – the same requirements the company is looking for when searching for own systems suppliers. STARFACE convinced the fourtexx team right away with its excellent services and the cutting-edge technology of the software solution. “Especially the easy installation and the clear intuitive menu navigation enthused our team completely.” Henner Pasch, fourtexx Gmbh

Realized by Partners: ITP Informations Technik

Lamprecht Rechtsanwälte

The law firm Lamprecht Rechtsanwälte have replaced their old Siemens telephone system with the IP solution STARFACE. The telephony solution was integrated in the lawyer’s CRM system enabling them to work directly with it when making phone calls. “With a mouse click, you can forward calls, arrange a conference call, activate a call diversion. Complicated manuals or misdialling numbers are history, STARFACE simplifies our daily telecommunications processes”, states lawyer Jürgen Lamprecht.

Realized by Partners: Unified Solution GmbH

h2m Kommunikations-Agentur GmbH

The creative agents of h2m Communications-Agency GmbH in Duisburg develop surprisingly and exceptional campaigns for their clients. STARFACE convinced the team with its graphical user interface, its user-friendly handling and the various comfort functionalities. The creative agents soon realized that STARFACE is more than just a regular telephone system: the door entry system is managed via STARFACE, individual voice mail boxes, virtualized conference rooms, voice mail & fax and other intelligent functionalities simplify the creative agent’s communications processes each day.

Realized by Partners: ITP Informations Technik

Volksbank Bönen eG

Volksbank Bönen eG offers premium financial services for the economic benefit, full service and well-being of the people in Bönen. Since March 2008, the well-trained, caring personnel handle all phone calls with the telecommunications solution STARFACE. Today, all 50 employees of the main office and three additional branches use STARFACE for the efficient telecommunications with their customers.


Being a business consulting and service provider, high level of personalized attention and excellent customer service are only few of the major challenges vevesa GmbH has to manage each day. The company chose STARFACE as their telephone system – a highly convenient telecommunications solution that’s equal parts user-friendly and efficient. Employees do enjoy working with the sophisticated features - and client satisfaction is guaranteed.


mSALES GmbH is one of the leading developers of online interactive entertainment products and marketing technologies. The user-friendly VoIP solution STARFACE with its intuitive user interface and process-oriented user concept provides each employee with a fast and convenient access to VoIP-telephony – complex training sessions simply become unnecessary. “STARFACE is easy to manage and easy to use. Complicated manuals are no longer needed in order to comprehend a professional telephone system.” Eike Herzbach, Head of IT-Infrastructure, mSales GmbH

SEED Karlsruhe

SEED invests equity capital in high-technology companies. Core focus of the investment activities are medical devices, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, software, hardware and new materials. When the company decided to enter the world of modern telecommunications, SEED chose the convenient VoIP solution STARFACE, especially for the easy connectivity of various branch offices and the overall transparency.

hertli ¦ BI

hertli ¦ BI is a service provider and consultant for standard business software with branch offices throughout Germany and Switzerland and various home offices. hertli ¦ BI was looking for a VoIP solution that is able to seamlessly integrate all office locations into one telephone system. By choosing STARFACE HOSTED PBX, our leased VoIP package for professional telephony at fixed monthly rates, hertli ¦ BI can rest easy and enjoy convenient telecommunications. All employees are accessible, independently of their individual locations.


Laser scanning and the vision of accident free driving are the motor of Ibeo Automobile Sensor GmbH. And STARFACE takes care that more than 30 employees can place their calls smoothly.


The marketing agency CommCompany, located in Hamburg, has been using STARFACE since mid 2006. As a small company with 12 employees, they have made their decision for STARFACE PROFESSIONAL APPLIANCE.

OXID eSales

OXID eSales, a leading provider of e-Commerce standard software is using STARFACE since July 2007. The international company was instantaneously able to complete the deep infrastructural integration of all its widespread subsidiaries based on comfortable and transparent telecommunications provided by STARFACE. Now, their headquarters in Freiburg and their dependence in Halle, both located in Germany have been easily connected with their software development office in Litauen, located in Northern Europe. Thanks to VPN, the new telephone system can be used by every employee from everywhere, mobile and independent of the location.

STARFACE and OXID eSales: The case study


Yukatel has been using STARFACE since July 2005. Their main focus in using the ultimate software lies on forwarding calls via SIP protocol to a call center with ten agents in Turkey. The supervisors are still located in the German headquarter Offenbach. From there they supervise all calls. For this call center a specially designed web interface was created by a partner and integrated in STARFACE.


Easy ordering, competent and friendly customer service - Berlin Elektro, the online store for quality kitchenware installed the telephone system STARFACE in 2005. Since then, the whole staff enjoys the browser-based, highly convenient VoIP solution and its countless features.