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With the growth of your business come growing demands – especially in means of communication. We have designed a unique module concept for STARFACE to ensure the greatest possible protection of your investment and flexible extension opportunities during the entire lifecycle of your STARFACE telephone system.
Standard Modules Premium Modules Partner Modules

STARFACE comes with a number of built-in modules for a wide range of functions.

Modules at different price levels provide extended features for your phone system.

Selected modules – developed and distributed by STARFACE partner companies.

  • Future-proof by freely programmable functions
  • Greatest flexibility for all demands
  • Easy creation of modules with scripting aided by drag&drop
  • Matched modules for every branch of trade
  • Transparent pricing model without hidden costs
  • Benefit from the know-how of the STARFACE community

The STARFACE administration interface includes an easy and user-friendly programming tool, the Module Designer, allowing the creation of additional modules with new functions at any time. Check out this interface – you will be stunned by its capabilities. Develop new features in no time with it. Of course, you may apply these modules in your own STARFACE system. But that’s just the beginning: Later on you might want to offer your modules in our STARFACE store for sale.