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The STARFACE Client for Mac offers call initiation by mouse click and fax transmission for every Mac application. On inbound calls the data set of the caller gets displayed, along with (available) contact image. Numbers of missed calls can be dialed by mouse click right from the call list. In addition, the STARFACE Client for Mac contains a Unified Communication Interface for initiating and controlling arbitrary telephony functions with AppleScript.
 Autocompletion with contacts from the addressbook Sending a fax from the print preview 

  • Call placement …
    • from Mac addressbook
    • in a dedicated window
    • from call notifications
    • via key shortcut
    • from the call lists
    • over the service menu
  • Call number resolving by Mac addressbook, CalDAV, LDAP and Exchange server
  • Selection of phone devices for call placement
  • Notifications of inbound, outbound and missed calls in a dedicated windows
  • STARFACE lists for calls, voicemails and fax
    • Listing of calls placed and received over STARFACE PBX
    • Easy transfer of contacts into Mac addressbook
    • Replay of voicemails on the PBX
    • Display of faxes sent and received over STARFACE PBX
    • Deletion of list entries on the PBX
    • Quicklook for items like faxes or voicemails
  • Display of call redirections with functionality to change them on the PBX
  • Fax transmission by fax printer driver over STARFACE PBX
  • Automatic update function
  • Secure connections by TLS encryption
  • Support of call related AppleScript commands
General settings Notification preferences Input of the STARFACE user account data

Free download STARFACE Client for Mac

The installer of the STARFACE Client for Mac can also be downloaded from the STARFACE Preferences under Add-Ons.

  • Apple computer with Intel processor
  • Mac OS X 10.8 or 10.9
  • Network access for communication with STARFACE PBX
  • Internet access for automatic update function
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